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DriveSafe NT is a Northern Territory Government Driver Education and Licensing Program that is available to any Territory resident
over the age of 16.

In the Northern Territory, 6 months is the minimum amount of time you are required to hold a learner licence.

We service Darwin, Katherine, Nhulunbuy, Tennant Creek, Alice Springs, as well as remote locations and communities.

What is included in DriveSafe?

As a student in the DriveSafe NT program, you will receive education and training by qualified driving instructors and assessors as well as more than $600 in subsidies towards obtaining a drivers licence, including:

  • A DriveSafe NT participant pack inclusive of all course materials;
  • Access to theory classes and road safety education lessons;
  • Learner (L) and Provisional (P) licence and test fees;
  • Subsidised driving lessons or access to trained supervising drivers;
  • Two attempts at the practical driving assessment; and
  • Driver First Aid St John Ambulance NT online course.

​Enrol Now

Ready to buckle up and start your journey? Follow these steps:

Step 1. Get evidence of identity and residency

Step 2. Fill in a DriveSafe NT enrolment form

Step 3. Fill in a licence application form 

Step 4. Submit your forms together with your enrolment fee of $110 at your local Motor Vehicle Registry office.

Step 5. Upon enrolment, you will receive a unique MVR customer number and a PIN number for login which will automatically be sent to your preferred contact details. You will also receive a pack with program information.

Please call 1800 121 411 if you have any questions or live in a remote area.

Download a copy of the Road User Handbook for your use.

MORE enquire about a visit from drivesafe

Online Learning

Click play to be taken to the online learning materials. The aim of these modules is for people to work independantly through the content required, supported by voice over.

Play module in englishPlay module with instruction in Walpiri, Yolngu Matha, MURIN PATHA and Kriol

Become a Safe Driver

Watch some videos of key things to know about driving safe on the roads...

Blind Spots

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol?

To enrol in the DriveSafe NT program you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Evidence of Identity and Evidence of Residency documents
  2. Application for a Licence in the NT (L1)
  3. DriveSafe NT enrolment form

Do you live in or near Darwin, Katherine, Nhulunbuy, Tennant Creek, Yulara and Alice Springs? Take these documents with you to a Motor Vehicle Registry office.

Do you live outside of these areas? Click here for more information or call 1800 141 211 to speak to one of our friendly DriveSafe NT staff members.



I already have an NT Learner Licence. Can I still enrol in DriveSafe?

If you have a Learner Licence you need to complete the DriveSafe NT enrolment form, take your Learner Licence to the Motor Vehicle Registry and pay the DriveSafe enrolment fee. After enrolling you can access the online DriveSafe portal and are required to attend a Drive 1 theory class (take your Learner Licence with you). You won’t need to do the knowledge test at the end. After successfully completing the Drive 1 session you will receive an updated Learner Licence and access to your e-vouchers. Your new Learner licence will be back dated to the first date you received your Learner Licence. Your expiry date will be extended. You must hold your learner licence for a minimum of 6 months before taking your practical driving assessment.

I've just enrolled in DriveSafe. What do I do next?

All information on the program stages can be found on pages 6 and 7 of the program booklet in your DriveSafe pack.

Step one is to log into DriveSafe NT online at and book into a Drive 1 theory class.

Can I enrol online?

No, all enrolments must take place at a Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) or at a Post Office that has MVR functions. This is to comply with legislation and identification requirements.

What are Evidence of Identity and Residency documents?

In the Northern Territory you must present documents to prove your identity and residency when you apply for your licence.

 Click here to find out what documents are accepted.

How long does it take to complete DriveSafe?

How long does it take to complete DriveSafe?

The DriveSafe program has been designed so that all the elements of the program can be completed over six months in line with the current legislated minimum learner licence holding period.

DriveSafe participants are encouraged to take their time and get as much learning and driving practise as they can before advancing to their provisional licence and completing the program.

Can I fast track to my provisional licence?

The DriveSafe Program is a step by step program and is designed to comply with Northern Territory legislation. Learner licence holders must hold their licence for at least 6 months before taking the practical driving assessment.

For DriveSafe participants, the practical driving assessment will only become available once all prerequisites have been met. This includes both theory classes and 23 driving competencies with a driving instructor.

DriveSafe theory classes

When are classes held?

Classes are subject to demand. Click HERE for current classes

What is involved in the Theory 2 class?

Theory 2 only becomes available to book once competencies 1-11 have been achieved during driving lessons with an instructor. The class covers a range different topics including:

  • Responsible driver behaviour
  • Safe driver behaviour
  • Hazard perception
  • Registration and insurance
  • What to do if you see a crash


What driving school can I use?

What driving school can I use?

Most driving schools are registered in the DriveSafe NT program.

View the full list of approved driving schools and instructors you can use.

Can I change instructors?

Yes, you are not obligated or required to stay with the same instructor. You can change instructors at any time

Can I book my driving lessons through a DriveSafe customer service representative?

No, our instructors have their own availability. You must contact the instructor directly to book driving lessons.

Prices of driving lessons

Driving instructors are free to charge their own prices for driving lessons. DriveSafe provides ten $50 vouchers to go towards lessons. The remaining amount must be paid by the participant, directly to the instructor, at the time of the lesson.

How do I get my vouchers?

Vouchers are requested through the DriveSafe portal and only become available after the Theory 1 component has been achieved. Click the green “manage my e-voucher” box and then the “request a voucher” tab, write down the number displayed and provide that to your instructor at time of lesson.

My voucher has expired before my lesson

Vouchers are valid for 72 hours. It is recommended to request a voucher the morning of your driving lesson. If you have requested a voucher too early, the unused voucher will roll back onto your account – you will not lose any unused vouchers.

Fines, drink driving and demerit points

What is a fine?

If you break the law you can be fined. A fine can stop you getting a licence. 

This short clip gives more information about fines.

This page will tell you how much you will be required to pay for an offence.

If you do not pay your fine before the due date, the matter will be referred to the Fines Recovery Unit (FRU).

To contact FRU call 1800 111 530.

What is the Fines Recovery Unit (FRU)?

The FRU manages all aspects of fine recovery.

Recovery of fines may include:

  • Taking payments
  • Making payment plans
  • Enforcement orders including licence suspension

Click here to read more about FRU or call 1800 111 530.

Can I enrol if I have been charged with drink/drug driving?

Drink and/or drug driving is dangerous and illegal. It is everyone's responsibility to drive safely on our roads.

If you have been charged for drink/drug driving, you may not be eligible for a licence.

Contact the Motor Vehicle Registry to check if you can join the DriveSafe NT program or if you are required to attend a Drink and Drug Driver Education Course.

Drink driving penalties and drug driving penalties can be very serious and can result in imprisonment.

What is a demerit point?

Demerit points are recorded against your licence for a range of different offences such as speeding, not wearing a seatbelt or using your phone while driving, just to name a few.

If you get too many demerit points, your licence could be suspended. Check how many points you have here.

There are different demerit point limits depending on the type of licence you hold e.g. learner licence, provisional licence.

To see the number of demerit points linked to an offence, click here or watch this video for more information.


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